Summer at the Lake Duet

Summer at the Lake Duet

Summer Lake, 1

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Fans of the Sullivans met Calvin Vaughn at Summer Lake in Now That I’ve Found You (New York Sullivans 1) and Since I Fell For You (New York Sullivans 2). Now read Calvin’s emotional, sexy, and heartwarming second-chance love story with Sarah, the one who got away -- and also watch as Christie Hayden gets her own breathtaking love story with the one man she never expected to fall in love with.

These two contemporary romances are inspired by summers in New York’s Adirondack Mountains: running across the beach, jumping off the dock, paddleboarding into the sparkles the setting sun spreads across the lake like glitter every clear summer night, and sitting around the campfire with family and friends making s’mores and wishing on falling stars.

While reading SUMMER AT THE LAKE enjoy crystal-clear lakes, mountains that stay green all year-round, and a perfect quiet that can be so hard to find anywhere else.

5 star reviews...

"A runaway winner and a truly worthy addition to the Sullivan series! It is 5 am and I just finished reading! I couldn't stop. Wow! The book has exceeded all my expectations! I had tears in my eyes while reading. I truly felt the love, the sense of community, and the strength of these characters." 5 stars from Karina

"Yowzah! Darn you Bella Andre, you made me cry! Bless you Bella Andre, you took me deep enough into a book for a HUGE emotional cry! A spectacular, emotional, thought provoking roller coaster ride of a story. Bella has done it yet again, penned a phenomenal story!" 5 stars from Lynn

"I cried, laughed & lost my heart!" 5 stars from Pam

"It is always a very special treat to have a new Bella Andre book to read! She has been one of my all time favorites since the first book I read. I could not take my eyes off of this book utill the last word on the last page, at 4:15am. Definitely worth missing sleep over! I feel emotionally wrung dry after reading it, but would I read it again? HECK YEAH!" 5 stars, Keryth

"Bella Andre has given us another fabulous addition in this series. Highly recommend!" 5 stars, Doni

"I honestly don't know how I survived without Bella Andre's beautiful romances!" Trudy