Tempt Me, Taste Me, Touch Me

Tempt Me, Taste Me, Touch Me

California wine country is a world of sensual delights — the tantalizing kiss of sunlight... the luscious decadence of gourmet cuisine... the slow burn of wine that warms from within... and sinfully sexy men. For three women hungering for more, it’s a destination for pleasuring both body and soul...

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Tempt Me

Carrie can’t explain why she turned down a marriage proposal from Mr. Perfect. But a chance encounter with a rugged winemaker who works the earth unleashes something wild in her. His raw, hungry power has her intoxicated with desire — and she knows it’s useless to resist...

Taste Me

After voluptuous Rose is left by her boyfriend for a thinner woman, she’s in for a sensual shock when she falls for a chef who can’t get enough of her luscious curves. One taste of his lovemaking will never be enough...

Touch Me

Vanessa is used to loving and leaving her men. And the man she wants now is an intense artist who has her modeling nude amid the Napa vineyards. But this time, he’s the one playing hard to get — and their heated game of “look but don’t touch” will soon have Vanessa begging for release...

Praise for Tempt Me, Taste Me, Touch Me

"In these three erotic novellas about a trio of girlfriends experiencing all that Napa wine country has to offer-especially the men-erotica newcomer Andre (Take Me) makes sure each woman is fiercely her own, complete with convincing backstories and particular neuroses. Prim-and-proper Carrie has just turned down a calculated proposal from one of San Francisco's elite, full-figured Rose has just been dumped for a thinner woman, and sex-obsessed Vanessa is just looking for a little distraction. Scenarios that could easily have been trod with reckless sexual abandon, however, give way to sweet, sensual, empowered stories enveloped in heady romance. Andre scores with her subtle use of Napa Valley food, wine and atmosphere, making her stories that much more delicious." ~ Publishers Weekly

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